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Finally something is happening

I can finally present you the Single "Compromised" feat. Nashira Cole from my upcoming EP "D R A M A D I S C".

"Compromised" is about loosing a part of yourself after a breakup and how hard it is, even when you see other people, to regain that part despite of the help you might get.


There are so many people I have to thank for this...

First,big shout out to Discobelle for handling the premiere, these guys run an amazing and diverse blog go check it out.

Nashira Cole contributes her wonderful Vocal performance, she is a wonderful and bright person and a very talented artist and songwriter. I'm very lucky to have worked with her and work with her in the future.

Also the song wouldn't be that awesome without the guys from Soundfreunde. Especially my bro Yilmaz Sürmeli - this guy masters the shits out of your mix, wonderful work. If you want your masters handled by a professional hit them up!

Than, a big thank you to Tillmann Zock who helped out with mixing the Vocals.

Also thank you to Outpost PR for handling my PR.

Of course a big shout out to the guys from Dope est dope, you did an amazing job with the remix.

And a very important and big thank you to my family, who supports me tremendously, without them it wouldn't be possible for me to create music and art, love you so much.

Think thats everyone for now.

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Thank you for your time,